A memorial plaque to Oka Gorodovikov was inaugurated in Moscow

On 10 February, the ceremony of opening a bronze memorial plaque to the Hero of the Soviet Union Oka Ivanovich Gorodovikov was held in Moscow at Rzhevsky Lane, 11.

A memorial plaque was placed on the house where Gorodovikov lived and where the initiative group for restoration of Kalmyk autonomy held its first meetings. By the way, the memorial plaque to Gorodovikov is the first to be installed in the Russian capital on the eve of the 75th anniversary of Victory and Defender of the Fatherland Day.


Recall that Oka Gorodovikov was born on 1 October 1879 in Platovskaya village in the family of Kalmyk Cossacks. He was called up for military service in 1903. After the revolution, Gorodovikov became one of the organizers of the First Cavalry Army. He was a major military leader of the Red Army. Gorodovikov is known for his merits in organizing defence at the Western Dvina border. He led the formation of cavalry units and was a representative of the Supreme High Command for the cavalry units during the Great Patriotic War. Colonel-General Oka Gorodovikov died in Moscow on 26 February 1960 and was buried in the Novodevichy cemetery. At home in Kalmykia, the city of Gorodovikovsk and the Gorodovikovsky district bear his name. 

The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of federal and capital authorities, the Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow and representatives of veteran organizations. The opening of the memorial plaque to the great Kalmyk warrior took place thanks to the municipal programme of perpetuation of the memory of the Heroes of the Fatherland. In total, five memorial plaques will be opened in Moscow in honour of the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory. The first one was the memorial plaque to Oka Gorodovikov, as reported by the press service of the Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow.
The authors of the memorial plaque to Oka Gorodovikov are the sculptor I. Feklin and architect A. Silantyev. The plaque bears not only a portrait of Oka Gorodovikov, but also images of historical events in which he took part.