The city of chess City-Chess has topped the list of resourceful cities of Russia

“Arguments of the week” compiled a list of ten extraordinary cities in Russia, “prominent in attracting tourists from all over the world.” And the list was topped by the most resourceful city - Kalmyk Chess City. It’s a very well-maintained, small city immersed in greenery. Chess City was built in 1998 on the 33rd Chess Olympiad in Elista. The FIDE Congress, international biennale and all kinds of symposiums and forums were held here, the article says.  Moreover, The Twelve Chairs, a novel by Ilf and Petrov was reflected in the history of City Chess. In its memory, Chess City sometimes is called New Vasyuki.


No wonder they say that it was after this Olympics that Kalmykia discovered the world and the world discovered Kalmykia. Chess City, which became the centre of international chess tournaments, was built on the initiative of the First President of the Republic of Kalmykia Kirsan Ilyumzhinov in record time.

Its central object is the City-Chess Hall, which outlines resemble a Kalmyk wagon. The Chess Olympiad and the 69th FIDE Congress were held there. After several international biennials, Chess City has become a traditional venue for international and national forums, competitions, business symposia, exhibitions, scientific and cultural meetings.
All genres are represented in Chess City: there are Palace of Chess, Museum of Chess Glory, Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment, Orthodox Chapel, and even heroes of a book written by Ilf and Petrov. The rest of the town looks like an elite but rather deserted cottage village, richly decorated with all kinds of chess sculptures.
In recent years, when nothing much happens there, it is used as an expensive place for accommodation, where tourists are invited to rent housing for at least several years.
By the way, the top ten extraordinary cities in Russia include the railway city of Novosibirsk, the city of the Russian Leaning Tower of Pisa Nevyansk, the European-style Russian city of Vyborg, the city chosen by Dostoevsky Staraya Russa, the number One city of Ancient Russia Rostov Veliky, the city of power Arkaim, the city of the wooden history Shirkovo from Tula region, the city of diamonds Mirny and Laikovo.