Lonely poplar took 3rd place in the European Tree of the Year 2020

According to the results of the European Tree of the Year 2020, Lone Poplar from Kalmykia is listed among the top three, winning third place.

On 17 March, in Brussels, the winners of the European Tree of the Year 2020 were announced. As a result of the online voting, Lonely Poplar from Kalmykia won an honourable third place by 27,411 votes.
The second place took Ginkgo from Daruvar (Republic of Croatia, 28,060 votes). The winner of the competition was the Guardian of the flooded village from the Czech Republic. 47,226 people voted for it.

Editor’s note:Lonely poplar from the steppes of Kalmykia
According to legend, this poplar was planted by a Buddhist monk at the beginning of the XX century. He brought seeds from Tibet, where he made a pilgrimage. The monk buried the seeds on the highest point of a hill in the boundless steppe. Poplar turned into a gigantic tree with sprawling branches casting a thick shadow. Everyone who took long ride on horses stopped there to rest and turned to the poplar with requests. Desires were fulfilled. "Lonely poplar" is revered in Kalmykia as a shrine.