Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: There are true patriots in the Russian business community for whom civil responsibility is not an empty phrase

The trouble has come. The coronavirus pandemic came to Russia. Today it matters how we all will respond to this challenge. The state and society, power and people should be united in their desire to put a reliable barrier to the pandemic. That is why it is not money and material means but our discipline, consciousness and responsibility that come to the fore. And a big heart also matters.

 A friend in need is a friend indeed. This precisely describes the current situation, when the true essence of everyone is distinctive. Today, it depends on everyone what the descendants will say about us and how we will go down in history: society or rabble, people or a faceless, weak-willed, amorphous population. Also it would be clear what did we have in 2020: country or piece of territory.

It is gratifying to note that prominent representatives of our business have donated to foundations to help fight the coronavirus pandemic. Oleg Deripaska is building block for infection prevention and control, Vladimir Potanin has already transferred one billion roubles to such a foundation. The same amount will be transferred, according to Mikhail Fridman, by Alfa-Group. Yandex will give 1.5 billion roubles to help the victims of the pandemic...

I am especially pleased to learn that my friends have created a special Day One Foundation, which is actively working in many areas. The Foundation has purchased in China and delivered to Russia more than two million medical masks and respirators, 6,000 protective suits for doctors, 60,000 protective glasses, one million latex gloves, non-contact thermometers and other medical supplies that are needed now.
“Let's rally around our president and help our country repel the threat,” say the founders of the First Day Foundation. And they add: “We all saw him, not in his office, but on the front line, together with doctors meeting with patients of the Kommunarka infectious diseases hospital to support them. We should all appreciate this and be proud of our president. Let us follow his example. ”
We remember that many bitter and insolent words have been said about large domestic businesses. Perhaps, this was caused by the deeds of some oligarchs. However, despite this background, the remarkable fact is that there are true patriots in the business community of Russia for whom civil responsibility is not an empty phrase.
On 25 March, Russian President Vladimir Putin in his address to the citizens of our country said: “All measures that are being taken and will be taken will work and will produce results if we show solidarity and an understanding of the complexity of the current situation This is a task shared by the state and civil society. We must do everything that depends on each one of us.”
For all of us, the decisive moment has come. It’s time to understand that we are all in the same boat and can only be saved together. Alternatively, we will perish all. Simple as that. This applies to all of humanity.
On a Facebook page of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama the following text appeared the other day:
“In the global society we live in today, we are interdependent—we all depend on each other. Therefore, it is no longer appropriate to divide the world into 'us' and 'them'. We need to think of everyone belonging to one humanity. If the world were attacked by aliens, we would unite. We need to work together in a similar way to resist dangers to health that affect us all.”
I really hope that the world would listen to His Holiness, and together we will not fail the test and go through every trial.