Kirsan Ilyumzhinov addresses a young singer Valeria Bazykina

First president of Kalmykia, sixth president of FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov responded to the video message of a young singer Valeria Bazykina. Here is what Kirsan Nikolaevich wrote:

“Dear Valeria! I was pleasantly surprised and deeply moved by your video. Once again, I am convinced of the correctness of the long-known wisdom: truth speaks through the lips of the youngest, through the lips of children. Sincerely, genuinely and simply, you said the most important words that every person on our planet understands and which, I’m sure, will be picked up by everyone: take care of each other, love each other and then this world will become better, cleaner, calmer and safer place to live in.


How right you are. All religions of the world begin with Love. Among Christians, the Apostle John said: “He who does not love does not know God, because God is Love” (1 John 4: 7-8).

Islam is called the religion of peace and love. Buddhism asserts that kindness is the basis of being and life, and Love is the basis of kindness.
You see, Valeria, how true it is, how deeply and accurately you have outlined the most important thing today: all the people on our planet should protect and love each other.
So simple, isn’t it? But this is the most important thing. You took part in the vocal television show “Voice. Children” and along with the wonderful Manizha Aminova you sang “Grass by the House ” by Zemlyane . It is a very good song and how wonderful is that you sang it! Well done!
But I would like to pay attention to the lyrics of this song. What does an astronaut dream about in the distant Cosmos? Not the roar of the spaceport, not this icy blue. He dreams of the main, dearest thing - the green grass at the parent's house.
We can talk about progress, digital technologies, robots and artificial intelligence, but it all makes no sense if the world does not have the most important thing - love and mutual understanding among people, countries and nations. And without this, the world is doomed. Why would we need universal robots if we are not in this world? Why heavy-duty computers if there is nobody to press the Enter button?
It’s nice that you have found words that touch everyone’s heart. Call your relatives, friends and teachers and let them know that you remember them, that they are loved and thought about in this difficult time.
I think all your peers will hear and pick up your call, and not only them. Let’s announce now the All-Russian Take care and Love flash mob.
Thank you, Valeria, for your video message. It is joyful to realize that such beautiful, smart, talented and simply wonderful children grow up in our country. There is no doubt that we will have someone to pass the baton to.
All the best to you, Valeria! Take care of yourself! Good luck and creative victories! ”
Editor’s Note: Lera (Valeria) Bazykina was born on 13 November 2006 in Moscow. Lera is a laureate of international competitions. She has an absolute colour hearing. She took part in the projects “Best of all!” and “Voice. Children 7 "with the songs" Grass by the House "and" Dancing Queen ". In a duet with Manizha Aminova, she set a record, gaining 2.5 million views on YouTube in 4 days and led the world TOP 10 of the most talented The Voice Kids.