Happy Birthday, Kirsan Nikolaevich!

On 5 April, first president of Kalmykia, sixth FIDE president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov celebrates his birthday. Perhaps, today is the only day in many years that, for obvious reasons, Kirsan Nikolaevich will spend at home. The editors of our website join all the congratulations that come to Kirsan Ilyumzhinov today.

Dear Kirsan Nikolaevich! Please accept the most sincere, warmest birthday greetings from the team of www.kirsan.today.
Together with you, we have been making this website a little over five years. During this time, there were many successes and certain failures. However, we never experienced boredom and apathy. Never a dull moment with you!

Even those who have been familiar with you for more than a dozen years do not cease to be amazed at your irrepressible energy, ability to focus on results and constant striving for new heights. It’s unbelievable but true: in the past year only, you travelled for more than one hundred thousand kilometres, visited dozens of countries, met with top officials of different states, prominent public figures and representatives of business and culture.

One cannot keep track of your varied trips abroad. And one cannot imagine how much effort it took to fly from one time zone to another while remaining unvaryingly in great shape, alert and fit for the most difficult negotiations to establish good relations with foreign countries for the benefit of Russia.
As Kalmykia President, you made sure that the Steppe Code - the Constitution of the Republic of Kalmykia - declares responsibility of every resident of the republic for everything that happens on Earth. Not everyone appreciated the whole depth of this idea at that time. Now, when the whole world struggling with a life-threating pandemic of insidious virus, your words about the need to reduce the arms race and use the money for developing drugs for the most dangerous diseases instead of powerful weapons are becoming clearer and closer to people on earth.
Today, it turns out that each of us and all together are responsible for the world, because it is very fragile and defenceless. It is admirable that you saw this 30 years ago, when only few could see it.
Protect and Love flash mob is another wonderful initiative of yours. We all need to protect and love our planet, our homeland, mothers and fathers, relatives and friends, compatriots and all people. If we take this as a rule, the world will be completely different.
Kirsan Nikolaevich! It is not easy task to wish something to a person who is as recognized both in our country and abroad as you are. We wish you good health, vitality, energy and strength in achieving your goals. Happy Birthday!
Editors’ board