Kirsan Ilyumzhinov congratulates Orthodox Christians on the Resurrection of Christ

I heartily congratulate all Orthodox Christians on the Holy Resurrection of Christ, Holy Easter! Orthodox believers around the world celebrate Holy Easter in extremely difficult conditions this year. An insidious virus has captured our planet. TV reports on numbers of infected and dead sound like front-line news. We condole to all those who have lost their loved ones these days. But at the same time, we ask you to open your hearts to fill them with Holy Fire descended from heaven in honour of the Resurrection of Jesus Crist from the dead.

In an hour of trial, Christians seek and find support in our Lord Jesus Christ. At all times, the Orthodox drew strength to overcome adversity from the fact that Christ truly rose from dead; "by death he has trampled on death." And this faith brings hope to salvation of every soul.


The main symbols of Easter are love, harmony and hope for a better future. It is today, at the time of severe trials for all, that the spiritual values laid down by the Holy Christ Resurrection - the desire to do good deeds and a sense of compassion - are so in demand. In this we seek and find spiritual support, which gives confidence that we can win the fight against evil.

Spring Easter days have always brought peace and joy, delight and happiness to every home. May today, in spite of everything, joy be in our hearts. May our souls be filled with love, compassion and mercy. And may the light of this great triumph never fade in our hearts. We pray that the risen son of God will give us strength and patience, fill us with will and aspiration.
May the light of this great holiday never fade in our hearts. I sincerely wish you all good health, spiritual strength, many and fruitful years of life and new achievements.

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov