Ilyumzhinov congratulates Muslims on the onset of the Holy month of Ramadan

With all my heart, I congratulate all believers who profess Islam on the blessed month of Ramadan! The holy time of fasting, spiritual cleansing and abstinence from earthly passions and desires in the name of Allah has come.

The holy month of Ramadan turns believers to the moral foundations of Islam - justice, love for one's neighbour, patience, doing good deeds and helping those in need.
I know that this holiday is very special for every Muslim. As written in the Qur'an, strict observance of fasting and the rejection of all sinful thoughts and desires will allow a person to be cleansed of vices, which is the only way to earn the forgiveness of Allah and eternal happiness in Paradise.


May the days of Ramadan strengthen your faith, fill your hearts with goodness, love and creative energy! Good health, happiness, prosperity, peace and harmony in families! May the Almighty protect you and your children in the name of goodness and peace on our planet!