Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: Congratulations to everyone who was once a pioneer

On 19 May 1922, the Second All-Russian Conference of the Komsomol created pioneers’ detachments. In Soviet times, Pioneer Day was one of the most significant children's holidays. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov spoke about pioneering, congratulating everyone who once wore a pioneer tie:

“Thirty years ago, in September 1991, the All-Union Pioneer Organization named after Lenin ceased to exist. If they tell me that its liquidation promoted great success in educating the young generation, I will disagree.

 As much as you can disown the Soviet past, still you have to admit that the best features of a person - fidelity to the word, fellowship, friendship, courage and decisiveness, and at the same time responsibility for one’s deeds and actions - was laid down then. The pioneering spirit itself exuded energy and aspiration for the goal. It is no coincidence that the word ‘pioneer’ means the first.

I heartily congratulate everyone who was born in the USSR, who wore a red tie and was always ready to fight for a just cause, with a glorious spring holiday - Pioneer Day!
I happened to be in Artek - the best pioneer camp for children. I can still feel the joy from the sun and the sea (which I first saw in Artek), from communicating with people. I acquired many  friends there and maintained relationships for many years. I convey pioneer greetings to my friends, Artek residents!
I send my greetings to the members of the pioneer squad of Elista school No. 3, where I studied. It was not easy at times, but it was such an interesting time!
Much time has passed since it was a public holiday. But does it mean that we have forgotten our pioneers’ childhood? Campaigns, songs around the campfire, collection of waste paper and scrap metal, pioneers’ gatherings, disputes and competitions. Are today's kids happier spending nearly all their time at a computer? I’m sure not. And this is something we all need to think hard about.
Unique pioneer enthusiasm and a sense of community with the like-minded people are worth a lot and mean a lot. We need to tell our children and grandchildren about our pioneering past, about the fire that burned in the chest of every pioneer, wearing on his chest a piece of the red banner - the banner of Victory.
Happy holiday, friends! Happy Pioneer Day! ”