“An idealist should work as a taxi driver”

95 years ago, regular taxi traffic was opened in Moscow. Politicians, entrepreneurs, cultural and public figures told Kommersant magazine their stories related to taxis. Stoyanov, Nabutov and Shkumatov and others shared their stories about how they were both passengers and taxi drivers.

First president of Kalmykia, sixth president of FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov also joined this conversation. Kirsan Nikolaevich did not work as a taxi driver, but of course, he used to be a passenger.


“When I was the leader of Kalmykia, I had to urgently get some important document late in the evening in Moscow. I have already dismissed my driver, so I had to catch a taxi on the street. While we were driving, I noticed that the driver was carefully examining me.

When we stopped, he said: “You must be that chess player, President Ilyumzhinov!” I confirmed, and the driver asked me to put my signature on a thousand-rouble note that I paid him.
I said it would only damage the note but the taxi driver replied: “But the memory will remain and there will be something to show my wife!”

Dmitry Dukhanin