Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: Play chess and that’s how we save the world

July 12, first president of Kalmykia, sixth president of FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov took part in a live broadcast of, president of ARMAN-HOLDING Serikbay Bisekeev. Recall that Serikbay Bisekeev is the entrepreneur of the year in the Russian Federation, the author of ‘Do-It-Yourself’ and ‘The Success Diary’.

While on air, Ilyumzhinov and Bisekeev discussed leads to success, the main lessons of life, spiritual teachers, vanity, pride and at the same time figured out how to be honest with yourself. Also they discussed what Kirsan Nikolayevich would do if he became president of the world.

“In the modern world, and especially now, in a pandemic, we must step by step educate planetary thinking. A student from the first grade should acknowledge himself as an earthling responsible for the future,” said first president of Kalmykia,“  “this knowledge was the impetus for introducing in 1994 the paragraph of Kalmyk steppe code that the residents of Kalmykia are responsible for everything , what happens in the world".
Kirsan Nikolaevich spoke about his proposal to the UN: the heads of all countries of the world should abandon the military budget for one year and invest in medicine, culture and education: “Now we need to move away from democracy and come to vitacracy, where the most important thing is the right to life ".
“First think, then make a move,” Ilyumzhinov says, “My goal - one billion people playing chess is one billion smart people - has become the main idea of the modern times. We don’t need a golden billion, if there will be a billion smart people who will figure out how to survive together. Today, 600 million are playing chess, so play chess and that’s how we will save the world. ”
Summing up the conversation, Kirsan Nikolaevich advised the youth to accumulate experience. And in conclusion, he made a gift to the audience by reading a poem about eternity by the  Kalmykia’ poet David Kugultinov.