Chess players of Armenia congratulated Ilyumzhinov on the 20th anniversary of tenure as FIDE President

Dear Kirsan Nikolaevich,
20 years since the day of your becoming FIDE President have passed, when you took the responsibility for the world chess development.
These were diverse years: years of achievements, years of struggle for the chess unification and consolidation of chess movement, years of overcoming difficulties, and of hard work. What was always there during these 20 years – your unlimited love for chess, your dedication and perserverity in reaching your goals and your tasks.
During these years a lot of glorious pages have been added to the FIDE history. Thanks to your activities, the chess world escaped the schism. Thanks to you a number of chess countries members of FIDE has increased and the number of people who play chess in the world is approaching one billion. Chess has become a part of a curriculum in many countries.

The Rules Commission since the very start of your activities as FIDE President has always felt your constant support and tried to carry out all the aims set by you in the field of regularizing and unifying of chess rules. Set dates for rules corrections were introduced, they were separated and finalized. The rules demanded by technical progress were considered in time and fulfilled.
On behalf of all the members of our Commission I sincerely congratulate you with your anniversary! I wish you the best of health, permanent energy, personal happiness and achieving of all the goals set by you for the development and prosperity of chess in the world.

Best Regards,

Ashot Vardapetian
Rules Commission Chairman
International Arbiter
Vice President of the Armenian Chess Federation