Participation in an international competition brings great fame to the Lonely Poplar

A Lonely Poplar won the European Tree of the Year 2020 competition.

The solemn event took place in the Tselinny district at Khar-Buluk village where the tree grows. Sergey Palchikov, Chairman of the Certification Commission of the All-Russian Programme "Trees - Monuments of Wildlife", expressed his admiration for the natural phenomenon, noting its significance not only for Kalmykia, but also for the whole of Russia. He also noted that that the Lonely Poplar became the winner of the international competition, which is a great success of the people of Kalmykia and the whole country.


Sergei Palchikov said: “now the Lonely Poplar is known not only in Russia, but also in Europe and all over the world. Many people are able to see and admire the Kalmyk miracle of nature”. After winning the national tree competition, Kalmykia poplar received the status of a "Wildlife Monument" of all-Russian importance and was included in the register of unique trees in the country. On this occasion, a plaque was installed at the place where the Lonely Poplar grows, confirming the status of a wildlife monument.