Six-year-old Roma Shogdzhiev among Russia’s top three best chess players

On October 4, 2020, Darwin Cup open children's rapid chess tournament was held at the Darwin Museum in Moscow sponsored by the Pedagogical Chess Union. More than 70 children from 5 to 16 years old took part in the Darwin Cup drawing. A category A favourite (born in 2013 and younger), five-year-old Kalmyk chess player Roman Shogdzhiev, playing for Moscow (coach Dmitry Sarangov), took part in the tournament.

The young player once again proved his superiority in his age group by showing 100% result (5 points out of 5), finishing all games with a victory.
A week earlier, on September 26, 2020, at the Moscow House of Nationalities, Roman won a convincing victory in Journey to the Crown the 13th Children's Chess Tournament organized by the ‘Glory to Fatherland’ society

On September 6, a rapid chess tournament was held at the sports complex Stroitel in Mytishi near Moscow. A young Kalmyk player Roman Shogdzhiev, playing for the Moscow team (coach Dmitry Sarangov), was awarded a gold medal in the category of children born in 2011 and younger.
Thanks to these victories, according to the published rating of the Russian Chess Federation, Roma Shogdzhiev came out on top in Russia in rapid chess among his peers (born 2014-2015).