Ilyumzhinov receives congratulations from around the world

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov continues to receive congratulations from around the world - in connection with the 20th anniversary of his work as president of FIDE. We publish only a small part of the greeting text (or rather, quotes from them).

"Under your leadership, FIDE has united 186 countries, spent a lot of tournaments, cemented the status of the intellectual sport. Successfully be a leader for over 20 years and win the respect of millions of people - all this requires hard work and dedication,"- wrote President of the Russian Chess Federation Andrey Filatov.

"You are always assisted by the members of the sports community, and helped to find solutions. Even if it was not part of your duties, you still held out a helping hand to chess players, maintained unity in the chess world" (Zurab Azmaiparashvili, President of the European Chess Union).
"FIDE under your leadership, has achieved much, and continues to conquer new heights. This day will be a significant event in the history of chess, as a symbol of 20 years of progress in the lives of players and all the people who love chess" (Takis Nikolopoulos, Chairman of the Board of Arbitrators FIDE).
“On 24th November 1995, there were two World Champions, there was no World Championship cycle, there was little women’s chess, only the very few top players earned reasonable money, there was no FIDE calendar, there was difficulty finding bidders for the Olympiads, FIDE was in a financial mess and chess was not recognised as a sport by the IOC. On 24th November 2015 none of this was true”(Nigel Freeman, FIDE Treasurer).
“Dear Kirsan! During all these years you have worked restlessly towards the development of chess around the world. Your passion and commitment have brought remarkable results. I am grateful to know you and share your love and dedication to the chess world!
I wish you continued success in the years ahead!” (Georgios   Makropoulos, FIDE Deputy President).
“Twenty years working for the World Chess Federation is a long period of ups and downs, pleasure and sorrows, success and disappointments. In these two decades, the Fide developed into a powerful sports organization that deserves respect and recognition. You brought the world chess on the current level and we can all be very proud of our achievements” (Robert Zsifkovits, President of FIDE Zone 1.2).
In addition, Ilyumzhinov congratulated: International Arbiter R. Srivatsan, a representative of the Chess Federation of the Czech Republic Petr Squeak, president of the Chess Federation of Kazakhstan Galymzhan Yesenov, director of the Ugra Chess Academy Galina Kovaleva, the adviser to the Commission on social programs FIDE Thomas Luther, CEO of "The Lion Media Production" Alexei Yefimov, chairman of the Commission "Chess in Schools" FIDE Kevin O'Connell and other officials.