Kalmyk chess players conquer tournament heights

On October 24 and 25, chess tournaments organized by the Russian Pedagogical Chess Union took place at the Smart City Information Technology Centre in Moscow.

More than 80 chess players from different regions took part in the tournaments. In category C (rapid chess with time control of 10 minutes with an addition of 5 seconds per move), the winner was one of the tournament favourites, multiple medallist of republican and interregional competitions Lidzhi Godzhurov.
Without losing a single game, the Kalmyk chess player scored six points out of seven and took first place. According to the coach, Dmitry Sarangov, Lidzhi is in "optimal chess form" and is ready to conquer new chess heights.
A week ago, another pupil of Sarangov, five-year-old Roman Shogdzhiev won another victory in a chess tournament. On October 17, a training workshop was held under the guidance of International Grandmaster Castaneda. It took place in the chess club of the Russian Chess School in Skolkovo.


Four rapid chess tournaments were played according to the Swiss system, five rounds each. In the third league, after a persistent struggle among older 24 participants, Roma Shogdzhiev became the winner, having scored 4.5 points out of five.

Undoubtedly, the Kalmyk chess school is one of the strongest. This ascent began after the historical decree of Kalmykia’s First President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov "On state support of chess", when the teaching of chess became a compulsory subject in all local schools.
Since then, this subject has been obligatory in all schools and kindergartens in Kalmykia. This initiative later gave birth to the global Chess in Schools programme.