Chess in School Foundation opens an online chess school

The organizers of the Chess in School Foundation are launching the Wings online chess school. Fourth FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov expressed his opinion about the new online chess school:

“The very name of the school says a lot. First, about the fact that chess is the very wings that will help your child take off. As they say, mother's milk raises us and chess gives us wings of reason to fly.
I personally know the people who created the Wings school. Those are my friends; we are developing the Chess in School project together. These people are professionals in their field.
Now, during a pandemic, if you are able to educate your children at home, then it is better to do so. You will see that results will exceed all your expectations! I consider chess to be the most effective educational tool for developing a child's intelligence.


For several years now, chess has been part of the school curriculum; about a million Russian children have been studying it in school. Now parents have an additional opportunity to take care of the development of their children: to teach tem the game of chess. You can also play chess online. This is both a sign of our time and a unique property of the ancient game. So, take care of yourself and play chess! "

Project investor, director of the Chess in School Foundation Nikita Kim said: “It seems to me that any parent will only be glad if his child learns to play chess well. Chess, above all, boosts the development of intelligence. It is no coincidence that the results of scientific research show that playing chess helps children become more successful in school and more competitive in adulthood."
Let us remind you that the Chess in School programme is the favourite brainchild of fourth FIDE President. As you know, after his compatriots elected Kirsan Ilyumzhinov as the first president of Kalmykia in 1993, he introduced the teaching of chess as a separate subject in local schools with his first decree "On state support of chess".
This was the beginning of the introduction of chess education throughout the republic.
Since then, this subject has been compulsory in all schools and kindergartens in Kalmykia. This initiative later gave birth to the global Chess in School programme. This is the first step towards the implementation of Ilyumzhinov's global peacekeeping project “One Billion Chess Players means One Billion Smart People”.
Pilot projects of using chess as an element of the education system have been implemented in Argentina, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Brazil, Great Britain, Venezuela, Germany, Israel, India, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Turkey, USA, France and a number of other countries in recent years.
The Chess in School project received support from the Russian Ministry of Education. Since 2017, chess has been taught in many Russian schools as a compulsory lesson or as part of optional classes. Together with the Prosveshchenie publishing house, the Foundation has published over 500,000 chess textbooks.
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