Kirsan Ilyumzhinov congratulates all his friends on the Great October Socialist Revolution

"Those born in the Soviet Union know that the Great October Socialist Revolution was the main holiday of the USSR. They remember the demonstrations of workers and street festivities.

Since 1996, this holiday has been called the Day of Consent and Reconciliation, and since 2005, it has ceased to be celebrated in our country at all.
I think I will be best understood by people whose childhood, like mine, took place in the Soviet years. Thus, I congratulate everyone on the October Revolution! For many years, this holiday was significant for our parents and grandparents and we shall not forget about it. May the fire lit decades ago never go out!


I especially want to congratulate those who remember the country of victorious socialism, Soviet childhood, school, exams, factories, institutes, hospitals, sanatoriums and pioneer camps.

Yes, we didn't have much. There are many more varieties of sausage and cheese sold in shops now. But we were young, happy, and we had hopes. Happy holiday everyone! ”