Netflix sparks the US chess boom

We have already written about The Queen’s Gambit Netflix miniseries. Now it has sparked a surge in American chess popularity that hasn't been seen in half a century. “Chess” searches on google have doubled from October to November, registrations on online chess gaming sites are increasing, and regular chess sets has become difficult to buy.

For example, the online store thechessstore.com says that it is unlikely that their stocks of chess will be able to remain unsold at least until Christmas: the interest in the game is phenomenal, and the supply of Indian wooden chess sets has suspended due to the pandemic situation. Those who could not buy a wooden chess set in the shop resort to online shopping.


According to the management of online chess.com, the main influx of those interested are the newcomers from 18 to 24 years old. The interest in chess is so closely related to the popularity of the miniseries that some gaming sites have even introduced an option: players of different age groups can compete in the game of chess with the main character of the series Beth Harmon.