Kirsan Ilyumzhinov on the tragic anniversary of the Kalmyk people

December 28 is the day of memory and sorrow of Kalmyk people. On this day, we remember the victims of deportation. The people of Kalmykia had to endure thirteen years of grief and suffering. Thousands of innocent lives were taken away because of forced exile to Siberia. We do not have a single family that would not have suffered a loss in those terrible years.

The immeasurable suffering that the Kalmyk people had to endure in the terrible December days of 1943, in the severe years of ordeal far from their native land, echo in our hearts with grief and pain.
Each Kalmyk family fully drank the bitter cup of hardships and adversities of the special settlers. We bow before the courage and resilience of the older generation, who managed to survive, withstand, and preserve national dignity. On this day we light memorial lamps, we remember everyone who became an innocent victim of the Stalinist genocide.

The forced eviction, the elimination of statehood and other repressions of the Stalinist regime caused irreparable damage to the Kalmyk people. Hundreds of people will come to the "Exodus and Return" memorial in Elista to honour the memory of that terrible tragedy.
During the years of Stalin's exile, the Kalmyk people lost almost half of their population. But, despite all the hardships, they managed to survive and preserve thei national dignity and hope for justice.
For the sake of future generations, we must remember the past, remember the victims of the monstrous Stalinist repressions. This is our duty. In loving memory of the victims!
The editor’s note: 77 years ago, by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the Kalmyk ASSR was liquidated, the entire people were subjected to forced deportation.