Christmas meetings of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

During the New Year and Christmas holidays, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov held a number of meetings. Therefore, on December 7, Kirsan Nikolaevich met with the famous artist Alexei Parfenov, who presented him with his painting dedicated to the Nativity of Christ. Recall that in January 2020, Alexei Parfenov presented Ilyumzhinov with his portrait, painted in the master's favourite style, which painting experts call "Energism". He also presented Ilyumzhinov another painting called "The Chess Game". "Energism" is a new direction in art, which is the creative energy used by the artist to create not just a visual object, but also an informational one that influences the disclosure of consciousness.

Critics note that in the artist's paintings there are many meanings and layers, worlds, themes, techniques and portals. According to Parfenov, a person is responsible for all the energies that pass through him. The world is one, and a person cannot be separated from the power of unity with everything that happens on the planet.