Ilyumzhinov congratulate residents of Kalmykia on the Tsagan Sar Holiday

I sincerely congratulate my fellow compatriots on the bright holiday of Tsagan Sar! Spring has officially come today to my small homeland, my native Kalmykia.

For Kalmyks Tsagan Sar is a symbol of the awakening of nature, a sign of new beginnings and achievements. We believe that the long-awaited spring will bring joy and prosperity to everyone. May the days of the sacred White month become the time for the fulfilment of bright hopes and good wishes!
May the holiday bring you and your loved ones happiness and good luck in achieving your goals, family well-being and a festive mood. I sincerely congratulate you on the arrival of spring and wish you good health, peace and good, joy and prosperity! Happy Holidays!

Editor’s note: The Tsagan Sar holiday dates back to the religious traditions of the Mongolian peoples. It is a symbol of the renewal of man and nature, openness and purity of thoughts, hope and good expectations. The name of the holiday comes from the Mongolian words tsagaan (white) and sar (month).