Kirsan Ilyumzhinov greetings on Navruz Bayram

On March 21st, one of the most revered holidays came - Navruz Bayram. First President of Kalmykia, sixth President of FIDE congratulated Muslims on the upcoming Holy Day:

“I convey my best wishes to all Muslims on the coming of the spring holiday Navruz Bayram! Starting from March 21, all week, Muslims will celebrate the main spring holiday - Navruz - the triumph of spring over winter.

 It is from this time that a new record of the life path begins. No wonder they say that Navruz is a time of renewal and hope, a symbol of loyalty to the best traditions of wise ancestors. Navruz is also the beginning of the New Year according to the solar calendar.

In 2009, Navruz was included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List, and a year later, in February 2010, the UN declared March 21 International Day of Navruz.
It is believed that Navruz greetings are one of the most important moments of the holiday. People know that the warmer the words, the better life will be in the New Year.
Navruz embodies the highest principles of peace and humanism. “A new day has come” - this is how Navruz Bayram is translated from Farsi. Therefore, I want to wish everyone new opportunities, new ideas and may all of your the most cherished dreams come true.
May this holiday bring peace and prosperity to every home, fill hearts with new hopes, joy and confidence in the future. I wish you good health, happiness, kindness and prosperity! I wish every person to find the strength to change their destiny for the better."