Young chess players from Kalmykia took first and second places in Moscow True Friends blitz tournament

On March 20-21, a True Friends chess blitz tournament was held at the Etude chess club in Moscow. The competition was held according to the Swiss system in nine rounds. It was attended by 38 chess players of different ages, including Roman Shogdzhiev and Temir Orgaev.

According to the results of nine rounds, the final 2nd place was taken by Roman Shogdzhiev. And the next day, on March 21, 16 of the best chess players were identified as the strongest chess player according to the knockout system.

Two games were played: white and black, the winner was determined in the third game called Armageddon. As a result, Temir Orgaev became the winner of the tournament, who managed to beat all his rivals. Congratulations to Roman and Temir on a great game!