The Dalai Lama tells how to change karma

On March 29, a first online meeting of the world famous spiritual leader of Buddhism with students from five state universities in Russia took place. The meeting was held with the participation of the head of the Institute of General Genetics Academician Nikolai Yankovsky and other prominent Russian scientists. It was dedicated to "World in an era of change".

The Dalai Lama told Russian students that all galaxies are creations of our karma, and that everybody can change their karma for the better by developing an altruistic motivation for their action.
Questions to His Holiness were asked by students of Moscow State University, St. Petersburg State University, Kalmyk, Buryat and Tuva State Universities. The broadcast was hosted by the Save Tibet Foundation on its website.
According to the Dalai Lama, our life depends on previous karma. But this does not mean that karma cannot be changed. “Of course, there are children who come into this world, for example, with a damaged brain. But you should never generalize, despair and write off everything on karma. As long as a person has basic consciousness, he can take care of his mental and physical existence. And that’s how karma can be changed,” the spiritual mentor said.

He explained that karma is a set of actions, each of which depends on motivation. “By changing motivation, we are changing the action,” the Dalai Lama added. He considers the development of altruism a necessary change. “If you develop endless altruism and wisdom you will be able to stop the samsaric cycle. At the same time, your mind will continue to exist; only now without ignorance and being enlightened. We will continue our existence with the enlightened mind of Buddha,” concluded the Dalai Lama.