Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: Another hundred and a thousand years will pass, but people will remember Lenin

On April 22, 1870, the greatest genius was born, who opened a new era in the history of
mankind - the era of controlled history, social justice, one might say Vitacracy ("Right to
Life"), when a working man becomes a true creator of history.
The farther from us the era when Lenin lived and made history, the better we see the true
scale of his personality. And I am sure that another hundred and thousand years will pass,
but people will remember Lenin. At present, all thinking people on Earth are beginning to
understand that the only way to save humanity from environmental destruction and out of
hopeless humiliating poverty is socialism. Only because of socialism does humanity have a
future. That is why I kept my party membership card and remained a communist even when
the mass exodus from the CPSU began.
Today, in all countries of the world, honest and sane people remember Vladimir Ilyich. At one
time, Romain Rolland, the great French writer and thinker, expressed his attitude towards
Lenin in the following way:
“… I have a feeling of extreme admiration for Lenin. I do not know of such a powerful person
in Europe of this century. ... Never before has humanity created a ruler of souls and people,
so absolutely disinterested. During his lifetime, he poured his moral figure into bronze, which
will survive the centuries."
The monument to Lenin still stands in Elista, and I hope it will always stand.
When at the end of the 90s a fierce discussion broke out about the removal of Lenin's body
from the mausoleum, we offered to give us, Kalmyks, Lenin's body, which with all the
honours would be transferred to Elista. Because the mausoleum is also a tribute to millions
of people who performed feats of arms and labour with the name of Lenin on their lips.