Kirsan Ilyumzhinov’s greetings to veterans on Victory Day

Dear veterans! I sincerely congratulate you on this holiday - Victory Day! Thank you for the Victory! Thank you for our life!

This sacred holiday will forever remain a symbol of unparalleled courage and fortitude for us. Our fathers and grandfathers defended the Motherland from the enemy and saved the world from fascism in the bloodiest war in the history of mankind. We are proud of the heroism and steadfastness of the front-line soldiers, as well as the dedication of the home front workers.
The Kalmyk people made a worthy contribution to the common Victory. 43,210 natives of our republic fought on the Great Patriotic War fronts. The natives of Kalmykia actively participated in the partisan movement. About four thousand soldiers from Kalmykia were awarded orders and medals for military merits. 22 soldiers, who showed exceptional courage and heroism, were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. My grandfather, Dorzhi Erdnievich Ilyumzhinov, went through the entire Great Patriotic War and ended it on May 9, 1945 in Berlin. He was decorated with orders and medals.

The Great Patriotic War was a huge test, but our country withstood it and won. Millions of people gave their lives for their homeland. The bright memory of those who died in the name of Victory, and those who revived our country but did not live to this day will forever remain in our hearts!
Dear veterans! Thank you for your unparalleled feat on the battlefields and for your work in the post-war years when you rebuilt our country. Low bow to all of you: front-line soldiers, participants in the partisan movement and home front workers.
I wish you good health, prosperity, a peaceful sky, long life and all the best! Happy Victory Day!