Ilyumzhinov congratulates the people of Kalmykia on the beginning of the holy month of Ур Сар

On May 12, the sacred month Ур Сар began for Buddhists. This year, it will last from May 12 to June 10. This month is called "the month of a hundred-thousand-fold increase", since the result from good and negative actions made within this month is multiplied by a hundred thousand times.

First President of Kalmykia, sixth President of FIDE, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, while in Lebanon, congratulated fellow countrymen on the holy month of Ур Сар for Kalmyks:
“In the blessed month of Ур Сар any spiritual practice or good deed brings karmic merit, the power of which is one hundred thousand times greater than in other months of the year. Ур Сар is dedicated to the three great deeds of Buddha Shakyamuni - his birth, enlightenment and departure to nirvana. Peace and Goodness to your homes! May our merits for good deeds bring peace, tranquillity and prosperity to you, your children and grandchildren!”

Editor’s note: Ур Сар is a festive month in Kalmykia, during which the spiritual exploits of the founder of the Buddhist religion, Buddha Shakyamuni, are honoured. It was this sacred lunar month that Buddha chose for birth, enlightenment and departure to Pari nirvana.
In this month, it is customary to conduct rituals of worship of the earth, when offerings are made to the patron deities of these places and special prayers are read.