Kirsan Ilyumzhinov greets everyone who was once a pioneer

First President of Kalmykia, sixth President of FIDE greeted everyone who was once a pioneer on the main holiday of pioneers:

“I sincerely congratulate everyone who was born in the USSR, who wore a red tie and was always ready to fight for a just cause, on a glorious spring holiday, Pioneer Day!
I remember how I, a pioneer, first visited Artek, the best pioneer camp for children. This joy from the sun and the sea, which I first saw in Artek, from communication with guys from all over the great country, with whom I made friends there and then maintained relations for many years, is still alive in my heart. I convey my ardent pioneer greetings to my friends, the Artekites!
I convey my regards to the members of the pioneer squad of Elista school №3, where I studied. It was not easy, but such an interesting time! We were strong by friendship, mutual understanding, we, the pioneers, were united for life by the focus on good deeds.

You can disown the Soviet if you like, but one cannot but admit that the best thing in a person - loyalty to the word, comradeship, friendship, courage and determination, and at the same time, responsibility for one's deeds and actions - was laid then. The pioneer spirit itself exuded energy, fervour, determination and striving for the set goal. It is no coincidence that the word pioneer means, the first one.
Best wishes to everyone who had a pioneer childhood! I wish you to preserve forever the unique pioneer enthusiasm and not lose the sense of community with everyone living on Earth. Let's tell our children about our glorious pioneer past! Let them be proud of us and envy us a little! Let the striving for victory not fade away in us! May our hearts remain ardent and young!"