Ilyumzhinov congratulated friends on Africa Day in his interview "Africa is the future of human civilization"

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov's interview, published in the popular Billionaires.Africa on 25 May, drew many responses. Readers from all over the world write to Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. Everyone seems to be interested in Africa.

We are publishing some of the letters that came to Ilyumzhinov.
“… Your strategic vision of Africa as the cradle of human civilization is captivating and inspiring. Global crisis is evident; people both in the north and south need a vision, idea, or concept of a better future for themselves and their children. They need leaders who will make a programme, outline the ways of its implementation, and lead them."
“… I was inspired by the fact that so dear to all of us, your friends, your idea of holding ​​ Olympics in Africa lives on. We anticipate the Kirsan Olympics in this blessed corner of the Earth and creation of the International Association of Chess Fans as well as plans for the First World Chess Fans Olympics that filled my heart with thrill…"
“What a fantastic interview! I am particularly touched by your analysis of the important role that Africa will play tomorrow and its potential in many areas, which clearly shows that you are well informed ..."


“I liked your interview. In any case, it is a great honour for us in Togo to have you as a friend, and we hope you will not only develop chess in the world and here in Togo, but also use it to attract investors to Africa, which has many opportunities..."

"... I have always believed that we can combine the chess-related events with the organization of other venues to attract business to Africa."
"... It is customary to host a party in Bermuda during the Olympic Games. We can also organize business meetings and encourage people to use our opportunities."
“… Now we must associate chess with the development of Africa. As for me, I am ready to help as an agricultural engineer and project specialist to develop an agro-industrial complex."
“I am already a supporter of the first chess fans Kirsan Olympiad”.
"This wonderful interview presents our continent in the best possible light!"
“… Please keep sharing your thoughts. Thank you so much. Many people read your interview…".
“… Thank you for telling the truth! They say Africa is lagging in education and culture. But who is to blame for this? How did it happen that Africa was under colonial oppression for decades or even centuries? European countries and the United States are now calling for help to Africa. But didn't they take people out of Africa to work on their plantations, using slave labour? "
“… I liked your interview very much! It makes a strong impression on us. You described everything well, especially perspectives of the African region."
"An excellent article that summarizes your love for chess and your love for our continent!"
“Happy holiday, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov! You are a great person! Man of the world! You do not belong to yourself; you belong to the World! I am proud to have such a friend! Happiness and health to you and your loved ones! Good luck and success!"
Editor’s note: Currently, Africa Day is annually celebrated on 25 May by the African Union countries according to the decision of the UN. On 25 May, 1963, at the first Conference of African Governments in Addis Ababa, the interstate Organization of African Unity was created and its charter was signed by thirty African countries.
The OAU has identified its goals as strengthening the unity and solidarity of the continent's countries; coordination of actions and development of comprehensive cooperation of African states, protection of sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence; elimination of all forms of colonialism and promotion of international cooperation.