Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: Viktor Tsoi would have turned 59

On June 21, Viktor Tsoi, the founder and leader of the Kino rock group, could have turned 59 years old. He passed away in 1990. Then the musician was only 28.

31 years have passed since Viktor Tsoi died, and to this day he remains one of the most beloved performers of Russian public. Tsoi's music appeals to everyone: all generations listen to it. What was its phenomenon? In the exceptional honesty of the lyrics of his songs or simplicity of presenting ideas?
The group was established in 1981. Then it was called "Garin and Hyperboloids". In 1982 they decided to change its name. This is how the Kino group appeared.
"And to fall scorched by a star called the Sun!" Viktor Tsoi, the legend of Russian rock music, lived and worked with this motto. Today he would have turned 59 years old. He died young, but managed to do more than others in their entire life. Today, three decades later, Tsoi's lyrics and music are still relevant and loved by millions of Russians.

Among the most devoted fans of Tsoi there are also those who were born after his tragic death. But the songs of Kino sound as if the musician sang about the future and knew what would be on current generation’s mind.
Editor’s note: Recall that in October 2010, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov signed a decree to perpetuate the memory of Viktor Tsoi in Elista and instructed the mayor's office to allocate a land plot for a monument to the singer. However, after Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, upon the expiration of his term of office, left his post the monument to Tsoi has not yet been erected in the Kalmyk capital.