Kirsan Ilyumzhinov congratulates the Buryatia’s people on the voluntary entry of Buryatia into Russia Day

On July 1, Buryatia marks the 360th anniversary of the voluntary entry into the Russian state. The countdown of this event has been going on since 1661, and the festive date itself was established by the law of Buryatia in October 2017.

The first President of Kalmykia, sixth FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov congratulated the Buryatia’s people on the holiday.
“We, Kalmyks, always remember that the historical, spiritual and cultural ties between Kalmyks and Buryats go back into the depths of centuries. We are glad that Russian Buryatia has become one of the pearls of multinational Russia.
This is largely the merit of the current leadership of the republic, the head of Buryatia, Alexei Tsydenov. He was able to unite the local society and focus the creative potential on solving important socio-economic problems.

I sincerely congratulate Alexey Sambuevich Tsydenov, fraternal Buryat people, all people and workers of Buryatia on the holiday! I wish all people of the republic health and prosperity! Happy Holidays!”.
Editor’s note: On July 1, 2011, Russian President Vladimir Putin came to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the voluntary entry of Buryatia into Russia. He made a speech at a ceremonial meeting at the Opera and Ballet Theatre and visited the Central Stadium, where the main show was held.