The world got another youngest grandmaster

American Mishra broke Sergei Karjakin's 19-year record. In recent years, several young talents - from India or Uzbekistan – came close to Sergei Karjakin's record, but they were just a few months short to break the record of the "youngest grandmaster in history".

And finally, it happened: the United States’ representative Abhimanyu Mishra made it. Karjakin lost his high-profile status after nineteen years.
The youngest grandmasters in history:
1. Abhimanyu Mishra, USA - 12 years, 4 months 25 days old;
2.Sergey Karjakin, Russia - 12 years, 7 months.
Sergey Karjakin reacted philosophically to what has happened: “I had no doubt that sooner or later my record would be broken and I was sure that some of the Indian youths would do it much earlier. You can say that I am still lucky that I held my record for so long.

Yes, to be honest, I am a little sad after this happened, but I can only congratulate the new record holder. I hope that he will continue to improve his skills, become one of the best, and this episode will be the beginning of his great career. I wish him all the best!" said Karjakin, according to Chess.com.
Mishra fulfilled all three grandmaster norms this year in Budapest. The next test for the young man is the World Cup in Sochi.