Young Roman Shogdzhiev wins the rapid chess tournament

On September 6, the sports complex Schemilovsky at the Central Administrative District of Moscow held the Rapid Chess Cup dedicated to the City Day.

36 players took part in the tournament, including our young Kalmyk chess player Roman Shogdzhiev (coached by Mr Sarangov). Having proved his superiority, the 6-year-old player became the winner of the Cup. The chess player scored 6 points out of 7 and got a well-deserved first place.
“Roma is obsessed with chess! He actually "makes" me look for chess competitions. In the last month alone, he took part in more than 20 face-to-face chess tournaments of various levels. And that's not counting online tournaments on the Internet,” the chess player’s dad “complains.”

However, as it seems only such perseverance and determination can provide a positive result: according to the official website of the World Chess Federation, Roman Shogdzhiev came out on top among his peers in the world.
The first President of Kalmykia, sixth President of FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov is proud of his fellow countryman and wishes Roman new victories and achievements!