Kalmykia, Buryatia and Tuva included in the rating of regions with the most beautiful Buddhist temples

The Russians named the top five regions with the most beautiful Buddhist temples according to their monumentality and serenity. The rating of such places was made by the global BlaBlaCar carpooling marketplace.

So, the list is headed by Kalmykia, which is the only region in Europe where Buddhism is officially professed. There are several dozen monasteries and temples in the republic. The most significant datsan is the Golden Abode of Buddha Shakyamuni in Elista. It is a Buddhist khurul, to which construction Kirsan Ilyumzhinov donated a huge amount of personal funds, followed by the residents of the republic. The temple was erected in less than a year and a half. It was opened on December 27, 2005.
Another famous temple is in the city of Lagan. The statue of Buddha Maitreya is a monument 12.5 meters high and weighing 30 tons. It contains sacred relics, texts of prayers, handfuls of earth from holy places and jewels.

Buryatia took the second place. According to experts, the most impressive temples can be seen in its capital, Ulan-Ude. Tourists are advised to visit the Rinpoche Bagsha temple on Lysaya Mountain, next to which there is an observation point. It is from there that one can enjoy views of the mountains, the river and the coniferous forest.

The three leaders are closed by Tuva, where Buddhism has existed since the 9th century. The most significant temple is the snow-white Tsechenling datsan in the city of Kyzyl, built with the use of modern technologies. According to tradition, before visiting the temple, it is necessary to go around it three times clockwise, touching all corners.
Another iconic Buddhist temple is in St. Petersburg. Gunzechoinei is the northernmost datsan in the world. The best architects and craftsmen of the city worked on its creation. For example, the outstanding artist Nicholas Roerich made stained glass windows for the temple.
The fifth place was taken by the Irkutsk region. There, in addition to datsans, travellers are recommended to visit the Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment - a snow-white three-stage structure topped with a dome and a spire.