Kirsan Ilyumzhinov congratulates the Komsomol members of all generations on the Komsomol's birthday

I congratulate those who in different years was a Komsomol member, who wore a Komsomol badge on the chest. Those who still have youthful impulses, who are ready to fight for justice, and for whom the concepts of honour and dignity are not empty words.

This year, the Komsomol organization turns 103 years old. At each historical boundary, the Komsomol set itself ambitious tasks and brilliantly solved them. The names of millions of young heroes who daily proved their selfless devotion to their country and their people, who fought for the prosperity of the Fatherland are forever inscribed in the chronicle of the Komsomol. The allied youth were always strong and never afraid of difficulties and responsibilities. They strived for search and new discoveries.

The Komsomol was the guard of young enthusiasts and romantics. It brought up diligence, perseverance in achieving goals, excellent human qualities in several generations of Russians.

I have always been very active. In school, I was the commander of the pioneer squad, the secretary of the Komsomol organization and the commander of the city Komsomol headquarters. I was the captain of the national chess team of the republic. At the age of 15, being a Komsomol member, I became the champion of Kalmykia among adults.
Many Komsomol members of my generation still recall with nostalgia the years of their youth, which were fanned by the romance of creativity, good beginnings, the search for solutions, enthusiasm and the desire to build the future of their homeland.
I wish you all good health, good luck, happiness and prosperity! May the Komsomol purposefulness, creative energy, fighting spirit and desire to create never leave you!