Young chess players from Kalmykia took three prizes at the Moscow tournament

On November 21, the Moscow Championship in classical chess ended in the Moscow Chess Club and the Moscow Survey Office.

On November 24, the ceremony of awarding the winners of the tournament took place at the Moscow Chess Club. They received cups, valuable prizes and gifts!
For nine days, 257 young chess players fought for prizes and access to the 2022 Russian Chess Championship. The tournament was held according to the Swiss system in nine rounds with a time control of 90 minutes for each player per game plus 30 seconds for each move, starting from the first.
The tournament was attended by chess players from Kalmykia playing for Moscow: Roman Shogdzhiev, Sofia Kekeeva, Lidzhi Godzhurov, Alexey Shushunov and Adian Boktaev. For the first time in the history of Moscow chess, our chess players won three prizes!
Roman Shogdzhiev took third place among boys under 11 years old, Sofia Kekeeva took second place among girls under 17 years old and Aleksey Shushunov took second place among boys under 17 years old. All our prize-winners received the right to compete in the Higher League of the 2022 Russia Chess Championship.

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov conveyed congratulations to Roman, Sofia and Alexey, as well as to the coach of Roman and Sofia Dmitry Sarangov who once again perfectly trained the young chess players.

In his congratulations, Kirsan Nikolayevich noted that “nothing brings me greater joy than the victories and successes of our children! I am sure that supporting talented youth is most important. This, I believe, is directly related to the future of Russia, which we all want to see great and prosperous. I wish the young players continued success and new victories in the great ancient game!"