Kirsan Ilyumzhinov congratulates Alexey Parfenov on the International Artist Day

December 8 marks the International Artist Day established in 2007 by the International Association of Art. The first President of Kalmykia, sixth FIDE President congratulated his friend, wonderful artist Alexei Parfenov on this holiday:

“The Artist Day is a holiday not only for professionals and art lovers. The main thing is that fine art, as the crown of creativity, preserves in a person the opportunity to enjoy the world and love it.
Nobody knows when people who realized that it is much better to draw on the rocks with stones instead of throwing them at each other appeared on Earth. I am sure that the profession of an artist has existed for many thousands of years. An artist is the wisest and oldest profession.

Previously, it was generally believed that painted images have a magical effect. And your paintings, Alexey, convince me even more of this. "Energetism" is a new direction in art, of which you are a representative, surprisingly creates not just pictures but informational images inducing the disclosure of consciousness.

I always remember your words as an artist's foresight: “Today it is not enough to be just a reasonable person. The era of the subconscious man begins." I wish you health and creative success, happiness and inspiration! "