Kalmykia’s Central Khurul to show the Song of the Green Tara

Spectators are invited to watch the film ‘Song of the Green Container’ directed by Nina Bardaeva in the conference hall of the main khurul of Kalmykia, The Golden Abode of Buddha, at 1 pm on the day of the Zul celebration – 29th of December.

The relic is kept in Stavropol, where the film was made. The plot reveals the sacred symbolism of tanka, in which the ancestors’ message about overcoming the hardships of Samsara is encrypted.
Green Tara protects Buddhists from troubles and misfortunes. They turn to it before long journeys, asking for protection for children and parents. Green Tara personifies all the diversity of good and enlightened activities. The texts mention that even a single mention of the name of this goddess brings instant help.
The film ends with the words of the Administrator of the central Khurul Gelyung saying that self-respect begins with respect for others. This is the foundation of the philosophy of Buddhism. The karma of the thangka (Buddhist painting of their deity’s image on a fabric or silk -Ed.) and the karma of the Kalmyk people is that it should return to its homeland, Kalmykia.

Let us remind you that the Green Container’s tanka was exhibited at the National Museum in Elista a year ago.