Exclusive train dedicated to chess kicks off on the Sokolnicheskaya metro line in Moscow

Branded train "Chess" was launched on the Sokolnicheskaya Moscow metro line on December 28. Each of the five cars of the train, which has no analogues in the world, is devoted to different topics related to chess.

The train carriages will tell you all about the history and the development of chess in the Soviet Union and Russia. During the trip, passengers will learn the most interesting facts about chess, what inspires professional chess players and outstanding chess champions’ names.
“I am sure that the train will interest passengers. This is the 25th jubilee theme train, and the ‘Chess’ musical had its jubilee recently - its 350th performance. I think that millions of metro passengers will be interested to learn about chess. Both the musical and the metro will make a tangible contribution to the popularization of chess,” said General Director of MTS Entertainment Mikhail Minin.
The Chess train is like a large chess encyclopaedia. It tells how chess materialised in the Soviet Union and Russia. While you are riding on the Sokolnicheskaya metro line, you can learn how chess appeared in cinema, in the visual arts, theatre, literature, as well as in the lives of famous people.
On the train, you can see a photo of Bob Dylan, who is a passionate chess player - he once even paid Bobby Fischer to play a game with him. Actress Catherine Deneuve always played chess during the breaks from filming “The Hunger”.

Chess became the top dog in the fashion industry: for an haute couture collection of Spring 2018, Christian Dior produced surrealist symbolism—the black-and-white checkerboard runway.
Experts of the main Russian theatre award "Golden Mask" nominated the Chess musical for 11 awards, including the top one - ‘The Best Musical’. And the singer Anastasia Stotskaya was so inspired by the musical that she put her son to the chess school.
The Chess train will run on Sokolnicheskaya Line for six months.