Ilyumzhinov sends Christmas greetings to Orthodox Christians

Merry Christmas to all Orthodox Christians! Christmas is a time of positive thoughts and deeds, caring for loved ones and strangers who need help. On this day, the joy and peace of Christmas night enter the hearts, filling them with joy and love.

This is the day when the Saviour came into the world. He brought people hope and strengthened their faith in a better future. The Nativity of Christ is a triumph of spirituality and the noble ideals of humanism and mercy.
Today, the light of the Star of Bethlehem will shine on every home, carrying the great message. The main prayer to God is asking Him to renew our hearts with life-giving love, so that the world will become kinder and purer.

Let us pray that prosperity, trust, understanding and love will settle in every home. I wish you good health, prosperity and success in all your endeavours! Merry Christmas!