Kirsan Ilyumzhinov congratulates friends on Chinese New Year

Today is the Year of the Blue Water Tiger according to the Chinese calendar. It is time for new hopes and achievements. Astrologers say that the character of the Tiger is changeable: in an instant, it can turn from a big affectionate cat into a dangerous aggressive predator. Therefore, they say, the year will be controversial, filled with both good and not so good events.

We are not afraid of the changeable nature of the Tiger. Firstly, because the Tiger is a smart and fair animal. He always strives for perfection, and the fact that his main element is water inspires a lot of hope. Water is always a blessing. And secondly, because we remember the main chess principle: first think and then act. So, we will not tease the Tiger.
The main thing is this: the Blue Water Tiger symbolizes kindness, fidelity, constancy, heaven and eternity.

I sincerely congratulate everyone on the Year of the Tiger! Let the strong and mighty Tiger bring a lot of health, strength and all kinds of success! I wish every day of this year to be filled with love, kindness and positive emotions!