Buddhist monument to be opened for visitors in Moscow for a month

A Buddhist monument will be exhibited in Moscow for a month. The Wish-Fulfilling Stupa is exhibited at the Moscow Diamond Way Buddhist Centre of the Karma Kagyu tradition. It was opened on the first of February. The organizers of the exhibition clarified that earlier it was held at the State Museum of Oriental Art and on Pushkinskaya Square.

The Stupa is very popular among Muscovites, because, according to legend, the monument can fulfil wishes and give a person positive energy.

- Stupas contribute to the prosperity of the surrounding space and bring benefits, peace and well-being to all beings, especially those who visit them consciously. The exposition space next to the Buddhist centre of the Diamond Way will become a place for sincere wishes, reflections and accumulation of positive impressions, the press service specified. The exposition will run until February 28.

Photo courtesy of Alexander Avilov / AGN Moscow