Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: A new issue of the Russian Pioneer has been published

I continue to write columns in the Russian Pioneer magazine. The new February issue is quite challenging. That is what makes it interesting. Editor-in-Chief Andrei Kolesnikov describes its content as follows:

“The theme of this issue is Grace. Not that we graciously published another issue. Or that the columnists were gracious to us and responded to a challenging theme with their usual diligence. Although both are true. But in fact, I’d like to talk about being gracious to each other. I know many won't listen. I know that everyone is too busy, and not even at work - is it not possible to find time for at least a little mercy working at a distance? No, everybody is busy with themselves and merciful to themselves. And this is a dead end. Have a little mercy! It will work."
It worked! Here is what the editor-in-chief writes about the content of the issue and the columnists:
“Andrei Makarevich tells us about one imaginary mercy – the mercy for a carp, alive and doomed in a bath. That’s why mercy for it is imaginary, but still mercy, especially since at the age of five, thank God, you just pity and sympathize. 

“Fate was merciful for Julia Peresild, and so she flew into space, although she did not believe it would happen until the last moment. But some moments in space really seemed to her to be the last ones. And, she honestly tells us about them in her column. But on the other hand, she appreciated how merciful the cosmos is to the Earth."
“The writer Dmitry Bykov sees old people who have been provided with many years of life by God’s grace, and he stops before them in understandable reverence, and even envy these great old people, which is also understandable.”
In general, friends, read this issue and enjoy! Great writers and great ideas!