Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: The documents signed by Russia and China prove that our countries are ready for long-term cooperation

100 million tons of oil - this is how much "black gold" Russia will supply to China within 10 years. Such an agreement was signed between Rosneft and the China National Oil and Gas Corporation as part of Vladimir Putin's visit to Beijing for the opening of the Olympics.

In addition, Gazprom agreed to supply an additional volume of gas to almost 50 billion cubic metres. According to Russian politician and businessman Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, all this allows us to talk about cooperation between Russia and China for many years to come.
“A number of economic documents were signed between Russian and Chinese corporations. This suggests that our countries, our peoples and leadership are aimed not at a momentary gain, but at long-term cooperation. And the fact that the trade turnover is growing is a positive factor,” the entrepreneur said. 

Meanwhile, as Ilyumzhinov notes, the Russian side also needs to negotiate on borrowing technologies, in which China has noticeably succeeded in recent years.
“China borrowed technology from us in Russia and from other countries. They redesigned it, added their own features, and now their machine tools and other equipment surpass known world standards. And today, when creating such joint ventures, we need to borrow these high technologies that China now has,” Ilyumzhinov stressed.