Elista to celebrate the most enjoyable and favourite spring holiday tomorrow

On March 3, Kalmykia will meet the arrival of the long-awaited Spring. Celebrations dedicated to Tsagaan Sar holiday and the traditional Slavic "Maslenitsa" will unfold at the main venues of the capital of the republic.

The participants of the holiday will enjoy "The best Tsagaan bortsg", "The best Shrovetide pancake", "The best business card" and learn "The most creative table name".
In the centre of Victory Square, inflatable figures of "Piala" and "Samovar" are installed. "Zulturgan" and "Stepnyanochka" ensembles are preparing to greet guests with a festive reception. There are also grounds for archery, the Kalmyk game "Nyarin Shinҗ" and master classes in making wrestlers and pancakes.
Editor’s note: In 2022, the national Kalmyk holiday Tsagaan Sar will be celebrated on March 3. Every Kalmyk family on the first day of the first lunar month is happy to meet the long-awaited spring - the giver of new hopes and new beginnings. The date of the holiday is calculated annually according to astrological tables.

Tsagaan Sar is the beginning of not only a new season, but also a new life. In this regard, the ritual of taking the Mahayana vow takes place annually in the central khurul of Kalmykia. The one-day Mahayana vow is a promise not to commit any unwholesome deeds for twenty-four hours. It is known that the White month serves as a period of accumulation of multiplying a hundred thousand times virtues.