Kirsan Ilyumzhinov Expresses Condolences to the Families and Friends of Sergei Badminov

The first President of Kalmykia, the head of FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov expressed his condolences on the death of the public figure Sergei Badminov. «Sergei was a kind, sympathetic and honest man, a true professional, an enthusiast of chess. It was always easy and pleasant to work with Sergei Alekseevich who was a real intellectual and patriot. The bright memory of him will always remain in the hearts of those who knew him and in the hearts of all Kalmykia players», - wrote Ilyumzhinov.

It’s worth reminding that the sad news of Sergei Badminov decease was announced on the 29th of January. Friends, colleagues and students of Sergey Alekseevich will remember him as an energetic and enthusiastic about his work man. Owing to his tireless work and care of the development of children's chess in Kalmykia, the number of the talented players, who became the Champions of Russia, Europe and the World in the various age categories, has increased.

Sergei Badminov headed the State Committee of the 33rd World Chess Olympiad held in Elista in 1998. All participants noted the high level of its organization. Sergey Alekseevich paid much attention to training players and did everything in his power to enable the Kalmyk team to successfully play at the Olympics.
“In fact, he created the chess school in Kalmykia. There were chess clubs only.”, - said the chess international referee Alexander Imedykov. “Dozens of tournaments were held with the participation of Badminov. He was a great organizer”.
«I get acquainted with Badminov in 1995», - recalls the International Grandmaster and FIDE Trainer Alexander Fomin. «I visited Kalmykia to hold the chess sessions for young players upon his invitation many times. Sergei has always been doing more than his duties required. He was very concerned about the children, putting his soul into his activity. His death is a great loss to the players not only in Kalmykia but the to the whole of Russia».