Ilyumzhinov congratulates women on the International Women's Day

Dear women! I heartily congratulate you with the spring holiday – the International Women's Day! One can choose the best words of love, loyalty and devotion from all the world's languages. But even in this case, it is impossible to express what overwhelms the hearts of grandchildren, sons, brothers and your admirers.

The Gratitude to Mother and Love for a Woman can not be defined by all the colors of the world or put into words.

Therefore, I will simply say: dear women, we sincerely wish you happiness and health. Let your inmost dreams come true. Let your children, relatives and friends never suffer. The peace and well-being of every family rest on your fragile shoulders. Our respect to you is unfailing and our love is genuine and boundless.
Let this holiday bring you much joy, energy and optimism. Let your life have as many sunny days as possible. Let the relatives and the people who love you and the close ones be always there for you.
Be loved and happy!

The President of the International Chess Federation (FIDE)