Ilyumzhinov spoke at the TASS press conference

On March 15, TASS held the press conference on the last match between the computer program AlphaGo and the go World Cchampion. It was attended by President of FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and IMSA.

In particular, he said that he had not expected such rapid developing of the program, which plays at the rate of the best masters: "Although 10 years ago, programmers told me that, judging by the pace of development, they soon would smash the checkers and go players. Now this has happened. The machine has beaten the go Master with the score of 4 - 1".

"Now, as the President of the World Mind Sports Association, I am doing everything to include go, chess, checkers and Bridge into the winter Olympic program", stressed Ilyumzhinov.