Mr. Iluymzhinov congratulated Moslems with Uraza Bayram holiday

I congratulate all the Moslems with the completion of the sacred month of Ramadan and coming Uraza Bayram Holiday! This is the Holiday that is widely celebrated all round the world and symbolises kindness, merciful, brotherhood and the mutual respect of the people.
Uraza Bayram unites the people making them more kind and merciful. Uraza Bayram leads the believers to the spiritual and moral sources of Islam.  For many ages it has been representing the good deeds and the care for those who are in need, the aspiration of the people to self-cultivation.

Which, I believe, is the main virtue in modern difficult times. Let me once again with all my heart congratulate everyone with this bright and joyful Holiday and wish you all the good health, happiness and prosperity!

The President of World Chess Federation
Kirsan Ilyumzhinov